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Various dictionaries are now offered, such as on-line, hard copy and digital mediums. One Internet dictionary, called the Hyper Dictionary, is an English word study dictionary which uses Indo-European roots. Although it has already been developed by many University of Aizu undergraduate students until now[14], the focus of this research will be on improving the Hyper Dictionary by making it more user-friendly. Currently, the Hyper Dictionary is not user-friendly. Because links are not yet attached to the examples, links are not attached to English words used in a semantic column for explanations, although the columns are blank, the titles of columns are displayed, and so on. These factors reduce the user-friendliness of a dictionary clearly. So one goal of this research was to improve this aspect of the Hyper Dictionary. Moreover, another major goal is to build the system by adding more English words, example sentences, and Indo-European roots, so learners can study even more English words.