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Development of The Hyper Dictionary

Learning and understanding English words is difficult for Japanese because few Japanese know the origins and structures of the words they study. Developers have tried to revolutionize in the field of language education.[15] As one solution, the Hyper Dictionary was developed. The Hyper Dictionary is an English-Japanese web dictionary which is useful for the study of English words by Japanese learners. The Hyper Dictionary utilizes Indo-European roots so learners can understand the meanings of English words more deeply. The American Heritage Dictionary features the roots of words[2]. Indo-European roots were used between 3000 B.C. and 5000 B.C. and are the original source language of English. Therefore, these roots are considered as a good tool for understanding the meanings of the origins of English words. Now, the Hyper Dictionary has several searching methods for English words. A user can search and know not only English words but also Indo-European roots.